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SWT Positivity is one of the biggest self improvement book companies in the California. With many experienced employees in company, we can bring 100% satisfaction to the large number of customers around the world. This includes offline and online customers.

With special teams of enthusiasm, reliability, and responsibility, we provide you a wide range of self improvement books about health, family, society and more fields. We are seeking for good partners who can help us handle online orders. Currently, we have over 30 branches located in 20 countries. We plan to increase this number in larger one once we can find good partners to cooperate with.

Helping customers get quality advice is our main quest. We plan to become the biggest self improvement books leader in the world. This will be done in 2015 because we have a good capital supported by good investors. Our capital reaches $30 billion now.

We have two main offices located in the US and Japan. Now, we plan to open more offices in Italy, China, and Germany. These countries are potential to get more customers and profits from selling online books.

The difference

We have competitive prices in our packages and offers. Having over 5 years’ experience in self improvement books about health and related things and over 500 professionals in a company, we strongly believe that we can bring satisfaction to our customers.

Guaranteed satisfaction is our commitment for the quality. Our service was selected as one of the best providers in the US in 2012. Your satisfaction is our motivation.

With a good call center to support for online and offline customers, we believe that our customers will get the best solutions when they need help. Feel free to send us a ticket if you need direct help. You will get responses within 24 hours.