The Theory of the Law of Attraction

This law states that what people think ends up giving them experiences in accordance with their thoughts. This is what actually makes it possible for people to fail or achieve their goals. For example, if you keep thinking that you are going to excel in something and you keep doing your best, it will be possible to achieve it according to the law of attraction. 

States it easy to Confront Negative Forces

Everyone experiences negative forces in their minds that keeps telling them that it is not possible to achieve something. The negative forces distract you as they guide you to veer off the road to prosperity. As per the theory of the law of attraction, your inner consciousness determines your state of mind and how possible you make things happen. Making things a reality depends on how negative or positive your thoughts are.

How the Law of Attraction Works

The theory of the law of attraction works in two main ways. If your beliefs or thoughts are limited in everything or some things, you will attract limitations. There will be more hurdles than you can imagine and the results will be limited as well. If your mind is open to suggestions and you are willing to try new things, there will definitely be positive results. By attracting negative thinking, the results will be negative while when the mind is accustomed to positive thinking, the results will be positive.

Creating Your Own Reality

By understanding the theory of the law of attraction, it becomes easy to have positive results in your life. Do not stress yourself but get accustomed to doing away with negative thoughts and encouraging positive thinking. Within no time, you will only be thinking positively and you will make your desires a reality.

One of the most important things you can do to live a positive life is to get focused on the things that you aspire and want to achieve. If you have been having negative thoughts most of the time, you should learn to create new beliefs. Eliminate anything unnecessary that occupies your mind.

Basically, the theory of the law of attraction states that the mind of a human being is so powerful that it helps in creating our own realities. When it comes to attractions, human mind attracts both positive and negative feelings but it has the power to control what one attracts and the outcome.

Theories about How the First Language Began

One of the most fascinating creations is language. What was the first language to ever be spoken? Who introduced it? How did we arrive to thousands of languages across the globe? Since there is no specific source of information on how languages came to be, there have been however several theories that try to explain this phenomenal creation.

  • The Ding-Dong Theory

Just like today, early human reacts to qualities of objects in the environment. In the ding-dong theory, it is believed that the sound of the human was a correspondence to the things around them. This means that the first language basically was as a result of how things sounded.

  • The Ta-Ta Theory

Within societies, body movements, hand gestures and lips are used as a form of communication. The Ta-Ta theory indicates that the early human would use hand movements and gestures to communicate and this is where the first language originated from. Humans used sounds and the tongue to make their message clear and with time, they were able to combine the sounds to make meaningful conversations.

  • The Bow-Wow Theory

In this theory, it is said that the first language was developed as the early humans tried to imitate natural sounds. This resulted to onomatopoeic. There is an argument in this theory that most onomatopoeic words are not in any way connected with natural sounds. On the other hand, it is said to be a theory that make sense considering there are different languages in the world and each translates the natural sounds in their own way.

  • The Yo-He-Ho Theory

During physical exertion or heavy physical labor, humans make sounds. This is to show how uncomfortable they are. The Yo-He-Ho theory indicates that this resulted to the first language. The groans and grunts that people make under such circumstances influenced this. The language evolved better when the physical labor was rhythmic.

  • The La-La Theory

This is an interesting theory that explains how language evolved. The La-La theory states that, poetic sensibility, songs, love and play had a great influence in language development. These are the things that inspired speech according to Otto Jespersen, a Danish linguist.

The language origin has been such a complicated research that its discussion was banned back in the year 1866. It’s a research that has been a huge challenge to scientists. The names of these early theories were given nicknames to try and match their origin.

How the Universe came to be According to the Big Bang Theory

One of the questions that have been answered to many about the universe is how it became to be what it is today. What it is its origin? How was it like when the universe came to be? This is mind boggling to many. One theory that explains all this is the Big Bang theory. This is not the only theory, but it is one of the most famous where astronomers have done their research to come up with the details.

A Hot and Dense Super Force

This theory states that the universe is 13.82 years old which is contrary to what it was believed to be which was, 13.7 billion years. The theory states that this is when the small and hot super force that it used to be started to change rapidly. It expanded in a huge way during which time atoms, galaxies and stars were formed.

The scientists say that the expansion has never stopped as it still continues up to date and the once small super force becomes colder as this happens. In its early days, the temperature was at 5.5 billion Celsius but this has significantly reduced as it expands.

Different Observations

Through observations, mathematical formulas and models, scientists came into this conclusion.  One of the ways that scientists have proved that the universe is still expanding billions of years since its origin is by use of the redshift observation.

This is actually how they have come to determine its age. The reason for this belief that it is getting colder is because when something hot expands, the more it expands the colder it becomes.

The Cosmic Microwave Background

What is interesting about the Cosmic Microwave Background which was discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson is that it explains about the radiation that was left over when the universe started forming. The inflation is increasing rapidly. 

What makes it possible for cosmologists to measure the criterion of the origin of the universe, the large-scale structures of galaxies and the origin of galaxies according to the Big Bang theory is the small fluctuations that are seen from the Cosmic Microwave Background. They can only be seen by use of precise telescopes.

According to Avi Loeb, a Harvard University astronomer is that the speed of inflation is increasing as time goes by. The galaxies are moving further and further at a high speed. In addition to this, the astronomer said that, people will not be able to spot these galaxies from the earth.

4 recent mind-blowing scientific discoveries

Over the years science has continued to amaze, inspire and educate us. There have been a lot of amazing scientific discoveries that have been made in recent years. Most of the time these discoveries are not featured in the newspaper or on the news.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some scientific discoveries that have touched the lives of many today.

  1.    Artificial Womb

One popular children hospital that is run by Dr. Alan Flake and his team built an artificial womb that was used to keep lambs alive for about four weeks. If you don’t look at the device carefully, you will mistake it for a plastic bag. The bag-like device is filled with synthetic amniotic fluid. This device has the potential of saving the lives of human babies.

  1.    Floating wind turbines

Wind turbines are excellent especially when it comes to generating electricity. But the problem with them is that they take a lot of space. Despite this, a lot of countries are investing in wind turbines because it has zero emission. Turbines need a firm ground to operate, but a Norwegian company that is called Statoil have invented a floating turbine. The only drawback of this technology is that it is very expensive. But if its price is reduced, it is going to give us a free and endless power supply

  1.    The lost lands of Zealandia

This is the exotic name of the continent that was discovered not too long ago. Most of it is still submerged under the sea. Divers who investigated it were able to come up with some fossil remains. It is located between New Caledonia and New Zealand. In order to learn more about the history of our planet, we have to dig deep and explore places that only a few will dare to go.

  1.    The golden-plated star

When the Neutrons of two large stars collided, the materials that were formed was silver, gold, and platinum. That occurrence is likely going to happen again within the next one hundred thousand years.  The result of the collision of these celestial bodies gives us insight on how platinum and gold came into our universe.

Final note

There are discoveries that have been made in recent years have open the minds of many to new possibilities. In years to come, more mind-blowing discoveries are likely going to be made. The question is will you be there to learn about them?

Human Species Have Been Around Longer Than We Know

We have all heard interesting discoveries about the evolution of man. Human evolution has had many facts from different scientists but the most common one is that we evolved from ape-men that had been living for hundreds of years.

The walking species that man is said to have evolved from existed about 220,000 years ago in a specific part of East Africa according to an initial discovery. A lot of confusion has been felt since recently; scientists discovered that Homo sapiens have been around for a longer time than the initial belief.

The Excavations in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco

Back in the 1960s, scientists started excavating fossils in Jebel Irhoud in Morocco where they found some that suggested that hominins (the human tribe) lived there more than a century and a half.

In the year 2007 and 2011, scientists went back to the site and excavated stone tools which have been under observation.  Besides the stone tools, a jaw, skull and teeth were discovered.


Using the latest dating techniques, the scientists evaluated each fossil and the stone tools found and made the intriguing discoveries. Homo sapiens were found to have emerged between 250,000 to 350,000 years ago while the stone tools were found to have been around between 280,000 and 350,000 years ago. This is how the scientists arrived at the fact that human species have been around longer than we have all known.

The Modern Human Started Emerging 250,000 to 350,000 Years Ago

The discovered fossils had both modern and ancient features according to the scientists. While the face looks modern, other body parts such as the jawbone looked primitive. As Homo sapiens evolved, it is the face that started to change to what we can see in the modern man.

We Are the Only Species Alive

During the same period, there were other species related to us such as the Neanderthal but we are the only ones living today according to the scientists.

The area that the excavations were made is a cave where the ape-men would prepare their meals after hunting. With the new discoveries, does it mean that the modern Homo sapiens first appeared in Jebel Irhoud?

Despite the oldest fossils being found here, it is not yet clear. It could be that they first appeared in different parts of Africa. Scientists continue to excavate and using modern techniques, they are accurately aging them.

A Life-Saving Synthetic Womb Has Been Discovered

For ages now, human beings believe that nature cannot be reversed. One thing is that for a new life to be brought into this world, a newborn must grow inside a womb. Scientists are making interesting discoveries. In the modern, the mortality rate is quite worrying but believe it or not, scientists are doing their best to see that this is minimized.

You could be wondering how they are doing this. Recently, scientists made it possible for a premature fetal lamb to continue developing in a synthetic womb. The synthetic womb called a bio bag resembles a woman’s uterus.

The Lamb Survived

Using 105-day old lambs, this new discovery was tested on how effective it is and it proved to be quite effective. During the 4 weeks that the lambs were in the bio bags, they continued to develop normally as they would inside a uterus. The purpose of the artificial womb creation proved to be met as the lambs developed lung and hair without issues.

At What Age Were The Lambs Placed In The Artificial Womb?

According to the scientists, they should be placed in the artificial womb after they start developing. This comes in handy when they are born prematurely and cannot survive on their own. These bags will sustain them until they can survive on their own.

Can This Work on Human?

Premature births lead to numerous deaths of newborns every year. The age at which the lambs were placed in the fluid-filled synthetic womb is equivalent to 22weeks of a human fetus. It is not yet clear whether it can currently work on human development but there is hope that something similar is possible.

This Is a Life-Saving Device

At the age that the lambs were put in the womb which is about 22 weeks in a persons’ development, none can survive on their own and this is one reason infants born at below 30 weeks don’t survive. This “womb” that has been improvised is life-saving as it creates that natural condition to sustain fetuses.

A benefit of the Synthetic Womb to Human

If these artificial wombs become a reality in the development of human being, the benefits will be immeasurable. The mortality rate will be significantly reduced and chronic diseases in premature newborns will be a thing of the past.

This is a very important discovery and although it has not been tested on human beings, it clears the doubt that it is possible to save lives of the newborn. Newborn deaths are a huge menace that with such discoveries, it can be positively dealt with.

Multidimensional Scope of Triz Innovation Theory

TRIZ, a Russian Acronym means “theory of inventive problem solving”. Triz theory implementation paves the way for efficient problem solving through innovative approaches. Activities in an oriented organization are influenced by the hundreds of patented innovations made by others. The Triz experts analyze the thousands of previous innovations related to particular concern for devising the most viable solution. Today, numbers of leading organizations accept ‘Triz’ as the most effective problem solving and innovation methodology.

Triz Innovation- Scope and Benefits:

TRIZ implementation enables the organizations to become innovative with an edge in finding the robust solution to toughest problems. Most of the inspired decisions are data-driven; so, these remain effective for long period. Triz concept helps the organizations to formulate the innovation strategy for the guided efforts.

The theory of innovation is getting wide-scale popularity and acceptance because of being historically proven for efficiency. Triz is a set of advanced management tools widely used to tackle the new problems through a directed and systematic strategy. TRIZ is useful for not only the product development and quality improvement but it guides to improve the operational environment as well. The more in commonly experienced benefits of Triz implementation for problem-solving are:

  • Guided approach for innovative development
  • Faster improvement in response to feedback reports
  • Quick removal of in-competitive aspects/features
  • Cost reduction in innovative activities
  • Technology forecasting for safe sailing through competitive marketing environment
  • Competitive edge because of delivering the innovative product in the line of customers’ expectations

Involvement of Triz Consultant for Guided Triz Orientation:

The very first step of hired Triz Consultant is to assess the current efforts for R&D and innovation. At this stage, the new opportunities are explored to align the activities with the defined mission and vision of the organization. After assessment stage, the next step is planning for the engagement and program management for the identified project. Infrastructure development to carry on the efforts is also the part of activities under the planning stage. The third step of Triz implementation is to develop the capabilities through training and workshops conducted by the subject experts.

The progress is monitored by the Experts through tests and projects assignment. The capability development process is a time taking procedure; the duration may be 4-5 months or more. The assessment reports help the professionals to decide the sustainable practices for the long-term goals. Involvement of Triz Innovation experts is a comprehensive training program for the key employees who are responsible for the prompt problem solving to ensure the unabated journey to offer the innovative quality product at competitive price.

During the training programs, the participants identify their shortcomings, learn, develop the capabilities and get the confidence.TRIZ methodology has been proved equally beneficial for the manufacturing units and the service-oriented businesses.

8 Most Important Inventions of The 21st Century

According to history and extensive research, human beings are the most intelligent and curious living organisms on the entire planet, and due to this reason, we are capable of inventing new things. From the age of the caveman who forged the first sharp-edged tool, down to the development of the internet and power grids, numerous advancements are uniquely ground-breaking.

Barely twenty years into the new millennium, this century has already displayed profound inventions reminding us that creativity and curiosity in the human brain will always explore for fresh technology and innovations. Below are eight spectacular innovations of the 21st century


It’s a software or application that was first launched in the year 2005, allows one to watch videos of favorite songs, movies, documentaries, or just any interesting video that has been uploaded in you tube. This enables people to watch both cultural and social change as well stupid, hilarious and even sensational things and phenomena in this century. All these thanks to you tube.

Tooth Sensor

A couple of scientists and researchers at the National Taiwan University came up with a “tooth sensor,” an accelerometer-based oral sensual technology that detects how one uses the mouth based on the movement of the teeth. This provides doctors with information on the patient’s eating habits, dental hygiene, and general health.

Camera Pill

This unbelievable invention will and have solved most of the problems faced by victims of gastroscopy. This century’s patients who suffer from ulcers and similar cases only need to swallow this pill containing a microscopic camera rather than going through an invasive probe.

Bio-Artificial Liver Device

This incredible life-rejuvenating artificial device has revived the hopes of patients suffering from acute liver failure. The BAL is not made to substitute the liver and its functions completely, but it serves as a supportive device by ensuring better and quality living until that time when a transplant is found.

Hybrid Vehicles

This century has brought cars that have the capability of using two energy sources; this provides a cleaner and sustainable environment than the normal cars. By use of electricity to charge batteries that the cars run on, air pollution is reduced significantly.

Indoor Clouds

Since 2010, an Amsterdam artist by the name Berdnaut Smilde has been creating indoor clouds. These clouds are not permanent but last for some time, this invention excites people because of the almost-real photos, and could also be utilized in the film industry.

The Invisible Skyscraper

This majestic tower in South Korea has been included in the Times magazine’s best inventions.  The Tower Infinity self-effacingly provides a vivid view of the sky behind for some hours of the day. Engineers around the globe are hailing it as an architectural miracle that has revolutionized the world of engineering.

Birth Control Patch

This technology was designed to help couples enjoy a more tranquil sex life. The patch is stuck under the skin in women and prevents unwanted pregnancies, they’ve been around for years and are considered very convenient, safe and effective. Doctor’s prescription is mandatory, then ladies you are good to go.

Is Society Being Controlled By the Media?

Many people believe that the society is controlled by the media. For some, it’s a bit hard to say what original means because everything you wear, eat, listen to, and act are the things that you’ve seen not things that you’ve invented. It’s a prime example of how media controls the society.

News media will tell you the news, tell people what’s important, and what to listen to. Fashion designers, on the other hand, control what you wear. If you’re in the club listening to music and had couple of drinks, a particular song will make you act crazier, controlling your behavior.

Screens Surrounding the GlobePeople are surrounded by different forms of media, regardless of where you go. From watching televisions to travelling in your car, you will encounter a kind of message that somebody wants you to take notice of.

If you think that the media you encounter during your typical day, it might encompass internet, radio, TV, advertising signs or posts, email, and messages in the workplace. Constant bombardment of messages both subliminal and conscious, enters one’s brain in an ordinary day.

You might think that you choose to ignore the information that enters your conscious mind, yet each time you hear or see some kind of media your brains register it. Therefore, if you’re exposed to something often, your subconscious will recognize that message. The messages from those who produce the media might be anything from a public service announcement providing you a kind of service through telling how good some products are and that you should purchase it. With the media messages being an essential part of communication, it’s no longer a surprise that most people are being controlled by the media.

If somebody controls media distribution, they might find that they accumulate lots of government friends due to the reason that government like every media message that involves them in portraying them in a light to public. Bad media coverage may break or make a government. That is the reason why there’s no doubt that the news media and government have a close relationship. But, why would people believe what media shows?

There are some people who wanted to stick with the truth and ignore the things that would just confuse them. However, since media is powerful and almost everyone is being controlled by it, there’s a higher chance to be part of a media-controlled society. Regardless of how you stick with the truth, if most of your friends or closest family members believe the opposite things, you might as well believe what the media tells you. If you don’t want this to happen, it’s best to find out the real story behind a message. Take note, media is also controlled by human beings. And as a human being, there’s still something you can do about it and that is by telling yourself to be neutral.

Never believe the media immediately, be smarter than that. Instead, use the media to your advantage such as sharing your opinions about something.

Putting Conversion Theory To The Test

Theories are great when there exists an actual way to prove them. The we can determine if the theory was true or not.

Take for example when someone builds a website. In most cases the website owner wants to get the people on the site to take a certain action. A common goal is to obtain user’s email so that a relationship can be created between the website owner and the email subscriber. Using a sales funnel the ultimate goal of this partnership is usually to sell the subscriber something of value, and in most cases sell repeatedly throughout the life of their connection.

increasing-profitsIn such an example the website owner will have a conversion rate target. The conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors that convert into email subscribers. The higher this ratio the more subscribers the website owner will gain from the same amount of website visitors. So obviously they want the value of this ratio to be as large as possible.

Now when the website is first being built we have no way of knowing what the actual conversion rate of a website will be. We can guess and predict what the value may be, however all of these assumptions will simply be a guess. Taking into consideration the vast amount of case studies and data that has been collected and shared by others around the world on conversion rate optimisation, an educated guess may be achieved. However a guess none the less.

Only when the site is ready and made live can a real world test be put in place to test the theory. Will the educated guess match the real world data? It will most likely be close if it came from an experienced internet marketer.

At this moment we enter another opportunity for a theory to enter the plan ahead. As we mentioned the website owner wants his conversion rate to be as high as possible to gain more email subscribers. So he sets out on a mission to increase his websites conversion rate.

To achieve such an increase he must seek our a conversion rate optimisation service provider to help him achieve his goals. Through extensive research and experience on the subject an expert team will put their theories to the test, ideally one at a time.

A conversion optimisation expert can quickly scan a webpage and can not only identify chances to the page that will improve conversions, they will also know which changes will have the greatest impact. Of course even the most experienced on this subject still holds theories in their mind. Using past experiences they can improve the closeness of their theories to reality, however even they will not know the true outcome until after a test has been completed.

By only testing one change at a time they test their theory that their proposed change did in fact improve conversions. Of course if it did not then it is just a simple case of reverting that change back to the original state and trialing another change. While this seems harmless if you were making many wrong assumptions then you are not improving your conversion rate at all and are making very expensive errors. This is why you should always employ the services of an experienced conversion rate optimiser to gain the best outcomes for your goals.