Many people believe that the society is controlled by the media. For some, it’s a bit hard to say what original means because everything you wear, eat, listen to, and act are the things that you’ve seen not things that you’ve invented. It’s a prime example of how media controls the society.

News media will tell you the news, tell people what’s important, and what to listen to. Fashion designers, on the other hand, control what you wear. If you’re in the club listening to music and had couple of drinks, a particular song will make you act crazier, controlling your behavior.

Screens Surrounding the GlobePeople are surrounded by different forms of media, regardless of where you go. From watching televisions to travelling in your car, you will encounter a kind of message that somebody wants you to take notice of.

If you think that the media you encounter during your typical day, it might encompass internet, radio, TV, advertising signs or posts, email, and messages in the workplace. Constant bombardment of messages both subliminal and conscious, enters one’s brain in an ordinary day.

You might think that you choose to ignore the information that enters your conscious mind, yet each time you hear or see some kind of media your brains register it. Therefore, if you’re exposed to something often, your subconscious will recognize that message. The messages from those who produce the media might be anything from a public service announcement providing you a kind of service through telling how good some products are and that you should purchase it. With the media messages being an essential part of communication, it’s no longer a surprise that most people are being controlled by the media.

If somebody controls media distribution, they might find that they accumulate lots of government friends due to the reason that government like every media message that involves them in portraying them in a light to public. Bad media coverage may break or make a government. That is the reason why there’s no doubt that the news media and government have a close relationship. But, why would people believe what media shows?

There are some people who wanted to stick with the truth and ignore the things that would just confuse them. However, since media is powerful and almost everyone is being controlled by it, there’s a higher chance to be part of a media-controlled society. Regardless of how you stick with the truth, if most of your friends or closest family members believe the opposite things, you might as well believe what the media tells you. If you don’t want this to happen, it’s best to find out the real story behind a message. Take note, media is also controlled by human beings. And as a human being, there’s still something you can do about it and that is by telling yourself to be neutral.

Never believe the media immediately, be smarter than that. Instead, use the media to your advantage such as sharing your opinions about something.

Is Society Being Controlled By the Media?

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