According to history and extensive research, human beings are the most intelligent and curious living organisms on the entire planet, and due to this reason, we are capable of inventing new things. From the age of the caveman who forged the first sharp-edged tool, down to the development of the internet and power grids, numerous advancements are uniquely ground-breaking.

Barely twenty years into the new millennium, this century has already displayed profound inventions reminding us that creativity and curiosity in the human brain will always explore for fresh technology and innovations. Below are eight spectacular innovations of the 21st century


It’s a software or application that was first launched in the year 2005, allows one to watch videos of favorite songs, movies, documentaries, or just any interesting video that has been uploaded in you tube. This enables people to watch both cultural and social change as well stupid, hilarious and even sensational things and phenomena in this century. All these thanks to you tube.

Tooth Sensor

A couple of scientists and researchers at the National Taiwan University came up with a “tooth sensor,” an accelerometer-based oral sensual technology that detects how one uses the mouth based on the movement of the teeth. This provides doctors with information on the patient’s eating habits, dental hygiene, and general health.

Camera Pill

This unbelievable invention will and have solved most of the problems faced by victims of gastroscopy. This century’s patients who suffer from ulcers and similar cases only need to swallow this pill containing a microscopic camera rather than going through an invasive probe.

Bio-Artificial Liver Device

This incredible life-rejuvenating artificial device has revived the hopes of patients suffering from acute liver failure. The BAL is not made to substitute the liver and its functions completely, but it serves as a supportive device by ensuring better and quality living until that time when a transplant is found.

Hybrid Vehicles

This century has brought cars that have the capability of using two energy sources; this provides a cleaner and sustainable environment than the normal cars. By use of electricity to charge batteries that the cars run on, air pollution is reduced significantly.

Indoor Clouds

Since 2010, an Amsterdam artist by the name Berdnaut Smilde has been creating indoor clouds. These clouds are not permanent but last for some time, this invention excites people because of the almost-real photos, and could also be utilized in the film industry.

The Invisible Skyscraper

This majestic tower in South Korea has been included in the Times magazine’s best inventions.  The Tower Infinity self-effacingly provides a vivid view of the sky behind for some hours of the day. Engineers around the globe are hailing it as an architectural miracle that has revolutionized the world of engineering.

Birth Control Patch

This technology was designed to help couples enjoy a more tranquil sex life. The patch is stuck under the skin in women and prevents unwanted pregnancies, they’ve been around for years and are considered very convenient, safe and effective. Doctor’s prescription is mandatory, then ladies you are good to go.

8 Most Important Inventions of The 21st Century

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