TRIZ, a Russian Acronym means “theory of inventive problem solving”. Triz theory implementation paves the way for efficient problem solving through innovative approaches. Activities in an oriented organization are influenced by the hundreds of patented innovations made by others. The Triz experts analyze the thousands of previous innovations related to particular concern for devising the most viable solution. Today, numbers of leading organizations accept ‘Triz’ as the most effective problem solving and innovation methodology.

Triz Innovation- Scope and Benefits:

TRIZ implementation enables the organizations to become innovative with an edge in finding the robust solution to toughest problems. Most of the inspired decisions are data-driven; so, these remain effective for long period. Triz concept helps the organizations to formulate the innovation strategy for the guided efforts.

The theory of innovation is getting wide-scale popularity and acceptance because of being historically proven for efficiency. Triz is a set of advanced management tools widely used to tackle the new problems through a directed and systematic strategy. TRIZ is useful for not only the product development and quality improvement but it guides to improve the operational environment as well. The more in commonly experienced benefits of Triz implementation for problem-solving are:

  • Guided approach for innovative development
  • Faster improvement in response to feedback reports
  • Quick removal of in-competitive aspects/features
  • Cost reduction in innovative activities
  • Technology forecasting for safe sailing through competitive marketing environment
  • Competitive edge because of delivering the innovative product in the line of customers’ expectations

Involvement of Triz Consultant for Guided Triz Orientation:

The very first step of hired Triz Consultant is to assess the current efforts for R&D and innovation. At this stage, the new opportunities are explored to align the activities with the defined mission and vision of the organization. After assessment stage, the next step is planning for the engagement and program management for the identified project. Infrastructure development to carry on the efforts is also the part of activities under the planning stage. The third step of Triz implementation is to develop the capabilities through training and workshops conducted by the subject experts.

The progress is monitored by the Experts through tests and projects assignment. The capability development process is a time taking procedure; the duration may be 4-5 months or more. The assessment reports help the professionals to decide the sustainable practices for the long-term goals. Involvement of Triz Innovation experts is a comprehensive training program for the key employees who are responsible for the prompt problem solving to ensure the unabated journey to offer the innovative quality product at competitive price.

During the training programs, the participants identify their shortcomings, learn, develop the capabilities and get the confidence.TRIZ methodology has been proved equally beneficial for the manufacturing units and the service-oriented businesses.

Multidimensional Scope of Triz Innovation Theory
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