For ages now, human beings believe that nature cannot be reversed. One thing is that for a new life to be brought into this world, a newborn must grow inside a womb. Scientists are making interesting discoveries. In the modern, the mortality rate is quite worrying but believe it or not, scientists are doing their best to see that this is minimized.

You could be wondering how they are doing this. Recently, scientists made it possible for a premature fetal lamb to continue developing in a synthetic womb. The synthetic womb called a bio bag resembles a woman’s uterus.

The Lamb Survived

Using 105-day old lambs, this new discovery was tested on how effective it is and it proved to be quite effective. During the 4 weeks that the lambs were in the bio bags, they continued to develop normally as they would inside a uterus. The purpose of the artificial womb creation proved to be met as the lambs developed lung and hair without issues.

At What Age Were The Lambs Placed In The Artificial Womb?

According to the scientists, they should be placed in the artificial womb after they start developing. This comes in handy when they are born prematurely and cannot survive on their own. These bags will sustain them until they can survive on their own.

Can This Work on Human?

Premature births lead to numerous deaths of newborns every year. The age at which the lambs were placed in the fluid-filled synthetic womb is equivalent to 22weeks of a human fetus. It is not yet clear whether it can currently work on human development but there is hope that something similar is possible.

This Is a Life-Saving Device

At the age that the lambs were put in the womb which is about 22 weeks in a persons’ development, none can survive on their own and this is one reason infants born at below 30 weeks don’t survive. This “womb” that has been improvised is life-saving as it creates that natural condition to sustain fetuses.

A benefit of the Synthetic Womb to Human

If these artificial wombs become a reality in the development of human being, the benefits will be immeasurable. The mortality rate will be significantly reduced and chronic diseases in premature newborns will be a thing of the past.

This is a very important discovery and although it has not been tested on human beings, it clears the doubt that it is possible to save lives of the newborn. Newborn deaths are a huge menace that with such discoveries, it can be positively dealt with.

A Life-Saving Synthetic Womb Has Been Discovered

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