One of the questions that have been answered to many about the universe is how it became to be what it is today. What it is its origin? How was it like when the universe came to be? This is mind boggling to many. One theory that explains all this is the Big Bang theory. This is not the only theory, but it is one of the most famous where astronomers have done their research to come up with the details.

A Hot and Dense Super Force

This theory states that the universe is 13.82 years old which is contrary to what it was believed to be which was, 13.7 billion years. The theory states that this is when the small and hot super force that it used to be started to change rapidly. It expanded in a huge way during which time atoms, galaxies and stars were formed.

The scientists say that the expansion has never stopped as it still continues up to date and the once small super force becomes colder as this happens. In its early days, the temperature was at 5.5 billion Celsius but this has significantly reduced as it expands.

Different Observations

Through observations, mathematical formulas and models, scientists came into this conclusion.  One of the ways that scientists have proved that the universe is still expanding billions of years since its origin is by use of the redshift observation.

This is actually how they have come to determine its age. The reason for this belief that it is getting colder is because when something hot expands, the more it expands the colder it becomes.

The Cosmic Microwave Background

What is interesting about the Cosmic Microwave Background which was discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson is that it explains about the radiation that was left over when the universe started forming. The inflation is increasing rapidly. 

What makes it possible for cosmologists to measure the criterion of the origin of the universe, the large-scale structures of galaxies and the origin of galaxies according to the Big Bang theory is the small fluctuations that are seen from the Cosmic Microwave Background. They can only be seen by use of precise telescopes.

According to Avi Loeb, a Harvard University astronomer is that the speed of inflation is increasing as time goes by. The galaxies are moving further and further at a high speed. In addition to this, the astronomer said that, people will not be able to spot these galaxies from the earth.

How the Universe came to be According to the Big Bang Theory

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