One of the most fascinating creations is language. What was the first language to ever be spoken? Who introduced it? How did we arrive to thousands of languages across the globe? Since there is no specific source of information on how languages came to be, there have been however several theories that try to explain this phenomenal creation.

  • The Ding-Dong Theory

Just like today, early human reacts to qualities of objects in the environment. In the ding-dong theory, it is believed that the sound of the human was a correspondence to the things around them. This means that the first language basically was as a result of how things sounded.

  • The Ta-Ta Theory

Within societies, body movements, hand gestures and lips are used as a form of communication. The Ta-Ta theory indicates that the early human would use hand movements and gestures to communicate and this is where the first language originated from. Humans used sounds and the tongue to make their message clear and with time, they were able to combine the sounds to make meaningful conversations.

  • The Bow-Wow Theory

In this theory, it is said that the first language was developed as the early humans tried to imitate natural sounds. This resulted to onomatopoeic. There is an argument in this theory that most onomatopoeic words are not in any way connected with natural sounds. On the other hand, it is said to be a theory that make sense considering there are different languages in the world and each translates the natural sounds in their own way.

  • The Yo-He-Ho Theory

During physical exertion or heavy physical labor, humans make sounds. This is to show how uncomfortable they are. The Yo-He-Ho theory indicates that this resulted to the first language. The groans and grunts that people make under such circumstances influenced this. The language evolved better when the physical labor was rhythmic.

  • The La-La Theory

This is an interesting theory that explains how language evolved. The La-La theory states that, poetic sensibility, songs, love and play had a great influence in language development. These are the things that inspired speech according to Otto Jespersen, a Danish linguist.

The language origin has been such a complicated research that its discussion was banned back in the year 1866. It’s a research that has been a huge challenge to scientists. The names of these early theories were given nicknames to try and match their origin.

Theories about How the First Language Began

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