If you have just landed on this page for the first time you may be wondering what Sidewalk Theory is all about… That’s a good question, and I will answer that on this page, but before I do here is an important piece of information.

Do you know why they call the theories – theories? Well.. Because they are just that – A theory!

A theory is purely a belief of what might happen in a future circumstance, what is happening right now or what happened in the past. When someone comes up with a theory the next step in the scientific world would be to attempt to prove it. Which would then make it a proven theory or a scientific fact.

However for the obscure theories it seems there may never in fact be a possible way to prove them, or we have just not figured out how as of yet. Surely there may be a way in the future but it is also possible that mankind becomes extinct before such a time comes and then who is to say that it ever becomes a reality that this theory can be proven. You get my drift? Deep! I know.

Now that we got that out of the way, back to this website in particular. On Sidewalk theory we have been inspired by the sidewalk theory (we’ll cover that in a minute) so much so that we want to talk about all known and new theories as we learn about them.

As you can see the fact that a theory is simply a belief, the are infinite theory possibilities on everything that exists. Leading to this website opening up a plethora of discussion topics. So let’s get into it.. But first:

Vortex-outer-spaceThe Sidewalk Theory

The sidewalk theory is similar to the one about a tree falling in the woods, which goes like this:

If a tree fell in the woods, and there was no-one around to hear it, would it make a noise?

Now the obvious answer is – sure when a tree falls it makes a tremendous noise, you may have even experienced this yourself. However if there was no-one around, who could justify this answer?

Now you could say, well lets put a video and audio recorder out in the middle of the woods and you can record trees falling and see if they make a sound. But supporters of this theory may say that is the same as someone or something actually being there.

The point is that it appears like we can never prove this theory as there will always be some sort of creature or even nature that will be present. If the tree was to fall in a vacuum then that is a different story as there is no sound in a vacuum. But in the real world we don’t have vacuum’s in our forests – or at least not on our planet!

The sidewalk theory is there to stretch your thinking process to the realms of what might be possible in another part of our known or unknown existence. Quantum physics talks of alternate universes and has some weird and crazy experiments that produce some equally crazy results.

The end result is that some things are just unknown and only by coming up with beliefs and using our imaginations can we stretch what is possible.